Once membranes are tested or "wetted out", all rough handling will tend to degrade performance even if it does not cause failure to meet minimum specifications. It is recommended that stock be rotated first in, first out (FIFO) so that there is little chance of the membrane drying. The bag we use on most products is a lamination of two different plastics to reduce water vapor loss and oxygen transmission. Product that is opened and not used that day should be covered with a large plastic bag to reduce air circulation until it can be used. Wearing disposable gloves is good practice in protecting workers from preservative solution and elements from mold and bacteria on worker’s hands.

It should not be necessary to add lubricants to the seals to insert the element into the housing. If additional lubrication is needed, then we recommend either glycerin from USP drum or very high molecular weight silicone vacuum grease be used. Never use oil or grease of any other type. 

If elements need to be stored again after removal from the original packaging, we recommend sanitizing with preservative solution if possible. If preservative solution is not available, then rinse the element by dipping in RO product water and bagging in double plastic bags. Refrigerate if possible, but DO NOT FREEZE. When retreating the elements, it is best if the element can be dipped vertically to allow displacement of the air trapped in the element. Once air bubbles have stopped (or nearly stopped), drain excess liquid and bag. The following table may help in mixing up the correct concentration of preservative.

Add the indicated amount of powder to the specified amount of filtered water. Discard the solution daily. The outer tape wrap may change color (lighten) on storage, but functionality is unaffected. Do not use stronger concentrations of the preservative.

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