Seawater Spirals 2.5" Models 3.0" Models 4.0" Models

Residential Spirals TFC OMNI Pressure Vessels

Commercial Spirals TFC (light duty) TFC 2.5" Pressure Vessel 4" Pressure Vessels

Custom Spirals T3213-500 N112-100XC T3420-600 ELF T3014-300 ELF T3014-400 ELF N3014-500

Additional Data Sheets


TFC (Light Duty) Series

Commercial RO Spirals

See information sheet on standard preservative solutions and option for dry membrane.

T2525D-GPD and T2540D-GPD are full length spirals with no integral stub but require an insert or adaptor for an internal seal to the product tube of 0.625 ± 0.003”

Thin Film Composite

* Rating is based on 77°F , 125 PSI, 15% recovery

Original Equipment Manufacturer, No Retail Sales

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